Prefab Homes Built for Safety

SpaceH Prefab home are built with galvanized steel frame structure, which is 25 times stronger than timber frame structure and safe for hurricanes and earthquakes. Galvanized steel also ensures no moisture would puncture the material body making it humid and moisture resistant.

Our French windows are made of Double-pane low-E glass, which consists of two tempered glass window panes separated by a gas-filled space, providing excellent sound & thermal insulation performance and higher tensile strength in comparison to single pane window.

Every SpaceH house is built with your health in mind using toxin-free materials, features embedded sensors that intelligently monitor indoor air quality and filters out dust, viruses, and other pollutants hundreds of times daily.

The major manufacturing process is conducted inside the factory – without construction harm for the environment. Including the steel frame, aluminum panels and glass windows, 90% of the materials used in our construction process are fully recyclable.

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