The Process

SpaceH models require a concrete pier foundation, crane access for installation, and, depending on your use, connections to utilities (electricity, water, and sewer). This means there are zoning, permitting, and other logistical site-specific requirements that may affect your placement permissions. This might include restrictions imposed by a Homeowners Association where applicable. These requirements can only be confirmed by professional analysis. We are working on resources and establishing partners to oversee this process for you, but until they are in place we have outlined the following steps for you to execute prior to reserving a model.


What information do I need to get started?

We suggest you have this site-specific information on hand before you begin this process.


·       Parcel Address: Street, City, County (if rural), State, ZIP

·       Parcel #

·       What square footage am I interested in adding?

·       Is the intended use as an ADU or a primary residence?

This information may also be useful as you talk to your local permitting authority.


Exterior dimensions

·       A7: 20’ x 16’ = 320 sq. ft. with 8’ x 13’ (100 sq. ft.) deck perimeter   and 5’ x 4’ (20 sq. ft.) entry porch

·       A9: 40’ x 16’ = 640 sq. ft. with 7’ 9” x 20’ 6” (150 sq. ft.) deck perimeter and 5’ x 4’ (20 sq. ft.) entry porch


·       A7: approximately 16,000 lb / 8-ton

·       A9: approximately 32,000 lb / 16-ton

Building Codes  

SpaceH is built to 2018 International Residential Code (2009 ICC, 2008 NEC). This is a higher standard than HUD standard for manufactured housing. Any standard sewer or septic system should be compatible with our models.

Construction and Life Safety Codes  

SpaceH models have not currently been designed as tornado shelters and do not currently meet Florida hurricane standards for residential buildings (i.e., they do not have impact windows). Note: this does not mean a SpaceH cannot be installed in tornado prone areas – however we would recommend access to a separate tornado shelter.

The wind load is 120 MPH with 3-second gusts. The roof snow load is 20 psf. The structure is built to Exposure Category C and Seismic Risk Category DII.


Foundation Requirement  

The typical foundation system is a set of cast-in-place concrete piers supporting steel columns fastened to the modules. SpaceH will provide installation instructions for a typical foundation system upon initial deposit. Unique sites require local contractor/architect/engineer design. All foundation components are the responsibility of the owner.

·       A7: 6 concrete pier footings

·       A9: 9 concrete pier footings


STEP 1: Zoning

You will need to contact your city’s or county’s Planning and Zoning/Development Department for a Parcel Report to verify whether a SpaceH modular home is allowed to be placed on your property. Note: There may be different requirements and restrictions for an ADU versus a primary residence. There may also be some additional restrictions that apply such as: setback, access (driveways), parking, aesthetics, structure type, etc. If there is a Homeowners Association (HOA) with its own rules regarding properties, or if you are in a historical district, you will need to check on these as well. 

STEP 2: Reserve Your Spot in the Queue

After you have confirmed that a SpaceH can be placed on your property, now is the time for you to reserve your place in line on our Production Calendar. First, customize your home on our reserve-now order page by choosing your home’s external and internal design schemes and optional features. Then, just make your reservation with a nonrefundable $100 fee. Your Production Start Date will be MINIMALLY 120 days from this point. Don’t worry we will keep you in the loop.

~~~ Should you wish to cancel your reservation you may submit a request to us. Note, however, the reservation fee is nonrefundable under any circumstances. ~~~

STEP 3 (optional): Financing

If you plan to finance your SpaceH, now would be the time to start on that process. We will have a dedicated loan officer who can help you obtain a mortgage for your new SpaceH. 

STEP 4: Production Deposit 1 & Permit Drawing Package

We require a $10,000 Production Deposit before we can start to build your SpaceH. This deposit is divided into two payments. The first Production Deposit payment of $2,500 is due when you want to begin the permitting process. The permitting process can be the longest part of the entire process and we recommend that you start right away.


Upon receipt of your $2,500 payment, we will provide you with the Permit Drawing Package, a full set of signed and sealed construction documents for the modular portion of the project including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, foundation and installation details:

·       Floor plans

·       Elevations

·       Building sections

·       Wall sections and details

·       Foundation design and instructions for a standard typical installation

·       General Installation Instructions

At a minimum you will need to make this payment 90 days prior to your production start date.

~~~ Your initial $2,500 production deposit is refundable up to 2 weeks before your manufacture start date. ~~~

STEP 5: Permitting*

Now you will need to obtain building permits from your local governmental authority and arrange for site inspections. The local authorities will want to know about the structure of the building including its strength and durability to withstand weather and seismic events. Equipped with our Permit Drawing Package, your contractor/architect/engineer will confirm with your permitting authorities that zoning setbacks, soil composition, foundation requirements, and utility connections all meet local code requirements.


From the time of your Production Deposit 1, you will have 90 days to obtain and send us your permits and approved site plan in order to keep your spot on our Production Calendar. It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as you get your permits by emailing If you do not get approval within that time frame, production of your SpaceH may be delayed. If you need assistance with the permitting process, we have partnered with, they can help navigate the process for you for a small fee. 

If we haven’t heard from you, we will reach out 45 days prior to your Production Start Date to check in.


Note: Should you be denied permits for any reason and thus, not be able to build on your site, please let us know immediately. We will process a refund of your $2,500 Production Deposit 1.

STEP 6a:  Production Deposit 2, Final Changes, & Production Start Date

Contingent upon receipt of your approved site plans and permits, we will email you 30 days out from your Production Start Date to collect the second portion of your deposit. This $7,500 is due within 2 weeks of Production Start Date.  Upon receipt of your Deposit 2, your order will enter into Pre-Production.

Note that 14 days from your Production Start Date, you will no longer be able to make any changes to your order and your entire $10,000 deposit is no longer refundable. We will email you to notify you that your Production Deposit 2 has been received.  


We estimate 2-4 weeks from Production Start Date until your unit is ready to ship.

STEP 6b: Site Preparation 

As soon as you have your permits you will need to schedule the building of your foundation and utility access. You are responsible to hire the contractor(s) to prepare your site and to install your SpaceH.


Your SpaceH will need to be secured to a solid foundation of either 6 or 9 concrete piers (or alternative approved foundation). This foundation is normally built by a local contractor in compliance with SpaceH specifications and local government requirements. The foundation will need to already be in place, inspected, and approved before your SpaceH arrives at the site.

Utility Access

Sewer, water, and electrical connections will need to be installed or extended to the foundation so that your SpaceH can be hooked up to these services once it is placed.  If you are not grid-tied, you will be responsible for providing your own propane tank to supply the stove, cooktop, and water heater. A 500-gallon propane tank is normal. 

STEP 7: Shipping

After your SpaceH production has been completed at our factory, we will arrange its shipping to your location. Upon confirmation that your site is ready, we will coordinate the delivery date with you and your on-site installation team and give you your final shipping costs. Shipping costs are approximately $4.00/mile for the A7 model and $8.00/mile for the A9 model.


STEP 8: Final Payment

The balance of your payment will be due when your SpaceH arrives at your site.

STEP 9: Site Installation


After the permitting and inspection processes for the foundation and utilities are completed and approved and the home components have been shipped by truck to the site, a crane is required to place your SpaceH onto its foundation and complete the joining of the two modules. You are responsible for hiring the contractor(s) to install your SpaceH. Installation can be up to a 7-day process.


Your installation crew will need to be present in order to remove the unit from the truck, secure the modules to the foundation, mate and seal the components together, install the porches, gabion walls and the robotic furniture. If approved by local authorities, this same crew may be able to perform the utility hookups.

Utility Hookup

Sewer, water, electrical, and hookups will be performed by your licensed contractor and are subject to inspection and approval by local utilities or governmental authorities. 

STEP 10: Move in! Live Transformed!